ILX56MM, with its new Message Manager, ProSoft Technology revolutionize data transfer from protocol to protocol

Interfacing systems using multiple protocols has never been so easy and quick. The new Message Manager module (ILX56-MM) from ProSoft Technology bridges automation controllers from different sources as it has never been done before. Traditionally, communication between PLCs requires (small) modifications to be done in each PLC program, often in several locations on the plant floor (repeatedly, new machines come with new PLCs), and often with multiple programming packages (because each PLC vendor has his own programming environment). With the new Message Manager from ProSoft Technology, the automation engineer has no PLC programming to do and above all no special software to buy, learn and maintain. Configuring the data transfers only requires… a few clicks!

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp

ESD cable carriers

When manufacturing and processing electronic components, electrostatic discharge (ESD = ElectroStatic Discharge) presents a serious hazard for the sensitive electronics. In addition, the increasing miniaturization of semiconductor components means even greater sensitivity to ESD.

Ingersoll Rand

ARO-Flo Series clears the air for any tool and any application

The ARO Fluid Technologies business of Ingersoll Rand is releasing an expanded and improved ARO-Flo Series of filters, regulators and lubricators to clean and lubricate air for use with pneumatic tools. The upgraded line includes a new size and a new completely modular design that provides easier assembly and maintenance of the units and allows for more customization to meet specifications of various applications.


Remote control of wind farms for an ever efficient service

In the context of a project for supervision and control of modern wind power systems, Iberdrola Ingeniería has chosen ARC Informatique’s PcVue software for its reliability, scalability and high performance in a Client-Server data architecture. Currently there are 24 PcVue servers that manage a million real-time variables. The solution implemented with the PcVue SCADA software has allowed a remarkable reduction in maintenance costs, while centralizing all the information from the remotely controlled plants.

Ingersoll Rand

Flex-Check™ Diaphragm Pumps

The ARO Fluid Technologies business of Ingersoll Rand announces the release of its new Flex Check air-operated double-diaphragm pump line. Featuring a flexible internal check design that permits the passage of fluids with stringy, fibrous semi-solids, the new Flex-CheckTM pump offering is perfectly suited to applications in OEM and Process Industries where handling fiber-filled materials can typically clog and stall pumps with standard check arrangements: car wash, printing, laundry...

Ingersoll Rand

Extrusion Ram / Pump Packages

The ARO Fluid Technologies business of Ingersoll Rand has released a newly –designed line of single-post and two-post extrusion pump rams and complete ram / pump packages for 5 - gallon containers. Featuring superior down-force in a compact footprint, the new ARO ram / pump packages are especially suited to high-viscosity material applications including inks, caulks, mastics, lubricants and more.



The FLOWAY dual-flow air handling unit is a plug and play ventilation appliance designed to renew the air inside buildings by introducing outside fresh air, in accordance with the RT 2012 regulations. By optimizing the thermal cycle recovering heat from the extracted air and by using the new CIAT HEE (high energy efficiency) fans, FLOWAY reduces energy consumption by 40% compared with previous solutions. Its range of sizes and configurations makes it suitable both for new systems and for the renovation market.

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