Beijer Electronics Products AB

Step into the future with iX

Beijer Electronics announces the launch of its ground-breaking iX concept. Beijer Electronics’ iX is an innovative HMI solution that is easy-to-use, comprehensive and flexible. Providing optimal, future-proof control with the right look and feel at all levels of design and operation, iX offers a new level of HMI creativity, catering to everything from standard needs to advanced and customized solutions. What’s more, it is compatible with an extensive range of automation equipment. As Beijer Electronics’ Head of Products & Marketing Anders Nilsson Schening explains, “iX is our most ambitious R&D project ever, with the possibilities offered by iX significantly expanding the boundaries of what an HMI can do for applications and users.” Anders Nilsson Schening continues “ iX’s unique advantage lies in its innovative software, both for development and runtime phases, that surpasses everything that currently exists on the market. And the time savings benefits are exceptional.”



Northern Indiana, NICTD, has awarded Faiveley Transport North America Division, Ellcon National, Approx $800K for BFC Overhaul

Ingersoll Rand

ARO 65:1 high pressure piston pumps

The ARO Fluid Technologies unit of Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies has released newly-designed, high-pressure piston pumps and packages which are ideal for the transfer and supply of medium-to high viscosity materials. The new ARO 65:1 ratio pump is the answer when mastics, inks, sealants, adhesives and other heavy materials are in demand.


High-Density Power Hub delivers 500 mA per fieldbus segment

Low heat dissipation and a small footprint is a must for installation inside the control room cabinet. With its new version of the High-Density Power Hub, Pepperl+Fuchs have increased available power supply current from 360 mA to 500 mA while maintaining space requirements. This highly compact power supply is part of the FieldConnex product range and is able to deliver 500 mA for up to 4 fieldbus segments.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

Redfox, Industrial Ethernet Routing Switch for Extreme Environments

Westermo Teleindustri, has released a range of high performance industrial Ethernet switches with enhanced routing functionality. The RedFox series is designed to build cost effective, secure and reliable networks that would previously have required several different units.

Beijer Electronics Products AB

PFD: Simplifying graphic displays development

Users are increasingly demanding advanced graphic displays for all kinds of devices using embedded electronics from measuring and automation system to ATMs and fitness equipment. Attractive user interfaces are a good means to create a product differentiation, but, until recently, the implementation process have been complicated and expensive. Now, with PFD (Programming-Free Display) software and hardware platforms, Beijer Electronics is launching a new concept based on their knowledge in HMI together with Hitech Electronics’ experience in LCM. PFD enables simply-designed user interfaces for embedded systems. With no specific experience required, development time and costs are dramatically reduced.


ANDANTEX equips the most innovating label manufacturing machines available on the market

ETI Converting Equipment is a company specialized in the design of machines for the manufacture of self-adhesive label equipment and printing presses. Recently, ETI Converting Equipment developed a revolutionary process for the application of a treatment on the parent material that increases the adhesive capacity of the ink, glue, or any other coating. Result: the printer can now purchase a much cheaper non-treated film and make considerable savings in label manufacture. In this leading edge process, ANDANTEX USA offers solutions marketed by MEROBEL (REDEX ANDANTEX group), a world leader in the web tension control field.



For the Bourget 2009 Aeronautics and Space Show, Amphenol is proposing a new range of Ethernet switches, perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of the aeronautic and military sectors.

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