Aramo-Quirós Drinking Water Treatment Plant at Oviedo

Due to its many advantages, the construction company DRACE MEDIOAMBIENTE S.A. chose to use GRP FLOWTITE piping instead of ductile iron and metal-coated reinforced concrete piping for the new drinking water treatment plant at Oviedo after having conducted many hydraulic studies with characteristics provided by AMITECH SPAIN.

Ingersoll Rand

Cordless grinders

The IQv cordless family from Ingersoll Rand is growing thanks to two new die grinders – GR25 and GS 25 and one grinder – GC25. With a weight of 1.25 kg and a maximum speed of 27 500 revolutions per minute, they offer the highest rotational speed to weight ratio on the market. They are intended for the automotive body work, metalwork, building and locksmith industries.

Ingersoll Rand

Premium Composite Impactools™: 2115XP, 2125XP, 2135XP

Ingersoll Rand extends its range of 3/8" and 1/2" Premium Composite Impactools™. Based on the QTiMAX Series platform, these new tools provide another level of choice for the more value-oriented customer. They still offer some of the best-in-class features as well as high performance levels for the professionals in the automotive and industrial maintenance applications.


The CRISTOPIA thermal energy storage system has been delivered to the Valenciennes hospital (France)

With its 25 years of experience in thermal energy storage systems, the CIAT Group, is currently the world leader in the sector. The new Valenciennes hospital equipment is one more reference to be added to the 2,000 CRISTOPIA systems in operation worldwide, including Nuovo Palacongressi di Rimini (Italy), and the LARNACA airport (Cyprus). More than 5,000 MWh of electrical energy are saved every day thanks to CRISTOPIA equipment. Its range of use from -33°C to +27°C and its energy efficiency levels of 20% higher than those of the other solutions on the market are among the major factors contributing to its success.


PcVue v.8.2 SP1 Building Management System

ARC Informatique announces the release of PcVue v.8.2 SP1, the latest update of its management software package. PcVue stands out by federating all building management parameters in a single tool, including heating and air-conditioning, lighting, security, low-voltage electricity supply, fire alarms and other functions, for the service sector, industry, airports and hospitals. PcVue V8.2sp1 innovates with its building energy optimization modules and its capacity, unique on the market, to incorporate AutoCAD files directly. PcVue is installed in several thousand buildings around the world in more than 20 countries, including Airbus Industries, Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, Central China TV (Beijing), Milan hospital and many others.


Faiveley Transport tests new generation ECP brakes for major freight operator Queensland Rail

New brake technology developed by Faiveley and Railway Innovation is expected to change the way the rail industry operates. The OzECP brake system is superior to Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) brakes currently available on the international market. This innovative system can be retrofitted to existing trains while still allowing conventional brakes to be used as a back-up safety mode.

Ingersoll Rand

The End of Percussion Maintenance

Now operating on more than 300,000 pumps worldwide, the new Ingersoll Rand motor technology for diaphragm pumps is a true success story. The technology combats three confounding pump motor issues: freezing, stalling and poor energy efficiency. With the purchase price of diaphragm pumps comprising as little as 5% of the overall cost of ownership, the benefit of Ingersoll Rand’s innovative technology is clear. Operating for five years on all Expert series pumps (3/8’’ to 2’’ for non metal pumps, ½’’ to 3’’ for metal pumps), it has brought operating costs down by 20% to 50 %.


ProSoft Technology® new 802.11abg radios improve transport of Ethernet packets to support demanding industrial protocols

The RLXIB-IHW radios from ProSoft Technology® not only are 802.11 compliant, but also benefit from a specific development in order to support, in the best conditions, the transport of demanding traffic of industrial protocols.

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