OPERA is CIAT’s latest range of drycoolers and air-cooled condensers. An economic solution, based on standard modules, OPERA is available in more than 4500 models, which adapt perfectly to many different applications. Whilst offering the same output, its energy efficiency is 15% better than that of previous generations. This ratio can be as much as 50% depending on options. Available power ratings go up to 1100 kW.

Choose OPERA, and you are choosing the quiet option. The whole range is fitted with high-performance finned coils and whisper-quiet latest-generation fans. The reduced pressure loss across the coil means that fans can be sized more accurately to reduce their noise footprint.

OPERA guarantees that you have chosen the product best-suited to each application: more than 4500 different models are available, based on standard modules. CIAT’s heat engineers can choose from fifteen different fan types, 3 different housing models, several different blade diameters, and a range of speeds between 300 and 900 rpm to provide you with the model best adapted to your needs.

Choose Opera, and you are also choosing a green solution. This range has been eco-designed and blends perfectly with the architecture. It is 95% recyclable, and the disposable packaging has been done away with.

Many different options are available to make it even better suited to each application. For example, when it comes to generator cooling, we can offer an expansion vessel, 2 cooling circuits, plus forced draught to dissipate very high temperatures. An Aeroconnect electronic control board can also be added. This communicates with the chiller units, a Building Management System, and can operate in free cooling mode. Then there is the variable speed Electronically Commutated (EC) motor which adjusts its speed to match demand, thereby optimising energy consumption and achieving energy savings of up to 30%. A high-pressure mist cooling system, Aérofresh, can also be used. This sprays tiny droplets across the intake to cool the air, improving heat performance even further.



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