More than 10 000 HEE cassettes installed by CIAT

More than 10 000 HEE cassettes installed by CIAT
CIAT has announced that it has commissioned more than 10 000 High Energy Efficiency cassettes, which have only been on the market for 18 months. Numerous office, hospital and hotel buildings in France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom are now equipped with this technology which enables the consumption of electricity to be reduced by up to 85%. The Blue Box building in Geneva (Switzerland), the Novotel in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), the Copernic 3 building in Paris (France) and the Mauritius Bank (Mauritius) are just a few references which have installed CIAT’s HEE units. The remarkable energy efficiency reached by the HEE technology is achieved through two major innovations: the design and development of new fans, and above all the use of brushless motors. These motors have a better output, generate less noise and have a longer service life. New control and instrumentation electronics plus a regulator, supplied as standard, have been specifically developed.



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