XF500Zm is a marking solution with column mounted micro-percussion system incorporating a motorized axis and a touch sensor in the marking zone. It stands out through its simplicity of use, the accuracy of marking due to the excellent quality and fine control of its M1Cz stylus and by its motorized Z-axis, which enables it to automatically seek the surface to be marked. Ideal for single or small series marking, it offers numerous applications: traceability of batches of parts in a mechanical workshop, Data Matrix™ code marking for aeronautic sub-contracting, trade-in stations in the automobile industry, etc…

First of all, the XF500Zm is easy to use. Simply position it on a workbench, plug it in and it is ready to start marking. The keyboard is supplied and the software integrated; the user has all the traceability, text, counter, date, serial number, Data MatrixTM codes, logos, etc... available. Marking sheets are easily created thanks to a wide 140 x 128-pixel screen and a graphic display with icons. Logos or sheets may be simply imported or exported using a USB stick. Characters from 0.5 to 99mm in size can be marked, on a wide marking field up to 100x120mm, and for parts up to 300mm high.

XF500Zm marking is very accurate due to the excellent quality and fine control of its M1Cz stylus. This control is provided through an optimized mechanical system associated with the latest generation electronics.

Lastly, the XF500Zm is a highly productive marking solution. Its motorized Z-axis eliminates manual adjustments. The machine can automatically position its marking head at the correct level on the part concerned. The XF500Zm is also fast, as it offers an excellent quality of marking at up to 5 characters/second.

The XF500Zm operates with a single electric power supply from 90 to 230V and more than 20 languages are available on its user interface. All types of materials can be marked, whether metals (62 HRC max.), alloys or plastics..., and on all shapes and surfaces, whether flat, convex, machined, as-cast, painted, etc... The XF500Zm can also receive data either via the keyboard or a bar code reader and has a memory capacity for more than 1000 sheets.



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