FREE COOLING is an optional module for AQUACIAT cooling units to reduce the consumption of energy in offices in the winter. Unlike previous solutions, FREE COOLING is totally integrated in the cooling unit and is delivered pre-configured and installed. Installers have simply to make a single electrical and hydraulic connection for the assembly. In relation to previous solutions, AQUACIAT FREE COOLING allows a gain of 25 to 40% of floor area. Intended for 185 to 485 kW AQUACIAT cooling units, it produces energy savings of 20 to 50% in relation to a conventional configuration with a single cooling unit.

AQUACIAT FREE COOLING was developed to respond to the requirements in the Office-Administration market. In fact, when the outside temperature drops, their need for cooling is reduced and only required in technical facilities (telecoms room, etc….) which only represent a fraction of the basic requirement of the building. There is no need to operate the compressors when use of the outside cold air is sufficient. The Free-Cooling module provides for these residual requirements in an economical fashion, without using the cooling circuit by using only the fans, which allows the cold air from the outside to be used as the cooling source.

AQUACIAT FREE COOLING leading features are its compactness and high level of integration. As the available space in technical installations becomes more and more restricted, its packaged concept above all allows a gain of floor space of 25 to 40% in relation to a previous generation chilled water and air-cooling unit solution of similar performance. Additionally, AQUACIAT FREE COOLING simplifies the work of integrators and saves them time by offering a factory adjusted and configured single integrated unit solution. Connection of valves or specific programming of regulators is no longer necessary. There is a single hydraulic or electrical connection for the entire assembly. Industrially, a very simple solution for CIAT as there is no industrial repercussion (same chassis, etc...). Free cooling uses existing modules. The module is available in 2 power ranges for each Aquaciat (1 V battery on AQUACIAT2, sizes 702 to 1100, 2 V batteries on AQUACIATPOWER, sizes 1200 to 1800)

FREE COOLING is equipped with an AEROConnect control module, in permanent communication with the regulator. AEROConnect manages the FREE COOLING module fan and motor and the V3V according to requirements and climatic conditions so as to always give priority to production in FREE-COOLING mode. As soon as the outside temperature is 2°C lower than the return temperature of the water-cooling unit, FREE COOLING takes over a part of the cooling power. 30 to 65% of the nominal power of the unit is therefore provided. The energy efficiency reaches an EER of 26 in these conditions (delivered cooling power divided by the consumed electrical power).

Air-conditioning application for office buildings are often installed in acoustically sensitive zones. AQUACIAT FREE COOLING reduces the sound level by totally or partially shutting down compressors when the FREE COOLING module is providing part of the cooling requirements. The sound level of the installation may be adapted to the constraints of the site, as the FREE-COOLING modules are available in three acoustic versions, Standard, Low-Noise and XtraLow Noise. This latter version may be different from the basic equipment and be fitted with variable speed fans as an option.

The FREE-COOLING module is also easy to maintain as it is totally independent from the basic cooling unit. The standard isolation valves enable isolation and the performance of maintenance operations on the FREE-COOLING module without interruption to the chilled water supply.



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