New Port Melbourne Office Opening , Australia

Faiveley Transport Australia heralded a new era for it's Melbourne based operations with the opening of its new premises in Port Melbourne. The new office, repair and warehousing facilities will house the business of the former Innovonics team, as well as integrating the brake repair and overhaul capabilities of the region's Hallam facility. The new location brings together Faiveley Transport's Melbourne operations in to a single location, allowing for greater operational synergy and enhanced customer service levels, as well as further enhancing Faiveley Transport Australia's Melbourne Branch's position as the global centre for engineering competence in PIS systems.

The opening of the new premises takes place exactly one year after Faiveley Transport entered in to negotiations for the acquisition of the assets of it's competitor Innovonics. The opening of the new offices included a ceremonial opening day which was attended by key customers such as the Victorian Department of Transport, Connex and United Group Rail. The day included speeches from prominent guests and from Pierre Sainfort, Group Chief Operating Officer of Faiveley Transport. The day was concluded with the ceremonial signing of the TransAdelaide PIS, CCTV and Door Upgrade contract between Faiveley Transport and Bombardier.



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