Faiveley Transport confirms its leading position as a power transmission and conversion systems’ supplier in the Chinese and US markets.

China Market Development
Two new contracts have been signed for High Speed Pantographs; one for ZEFIRO trains with Bombardier and the other for VELARO trains with the TC and CRC car builders. These contracts confirm FAIVELEY TRANSPORT’s leading position in high speed technology and represent a major milestone in our penetration of the dynamic Chinese market.
The contracts for the supply of 920 pantographs, to be delivered between 2010 and 2013, represent the largest awarded to date for this activity.
These contracts will be executed by both FT LEKOV a.s. in the Czech Republic and Qingdao Faiveley Sri Rail Brake company in China, after a gradual localization programme which has already been launched and will continue until 2012.
The final technical breakthrough, of another World Record at 394,2 km/h, achieved during the last line trial on 9th December 2009 between Guanghzou and Wuhan was a significant achievement compared with our competitors who did not exceed 300 km/h.

US Market Development
CAF has awarded FAIVELEY TRANSPORT LEKOV with a contract to supply more than 100 pantographs for HOUSTON streetcars.
This contract confirms FAIVELEY TRANSPORT LEKOV’s excellent positioning in this segment, strengthening their penetration of the US market.
This success is once again a very good example of the commercial and technical synergies within the Faiveley Transport Group.



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