Up on the roof

The new Roof Top from CIAT, designed to heat or cool commercial offices, is a compact unit – placed in roof space – that is notable for its high energy efficiency. At equivalent power, its energy consumption is 30% less than earlier models. Available in ‘cold’ and ‘reversible’ versions, New Space has the largest range on the market – with 17 models, gas heater version, and seven mounting types, with power ratings up to 390 kW.

Up on the roof
The use of R410A refrigeration fluid allows New Space to be very compact. At equivalent power, R410A requires 20% less cooling load than conventional fluids. This delivers an ecological advantage, with an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential – the potential to degrade the ozone layer) equal to zero. This reduces the size of several parts of the thermodynamic circuit, which reduces the size of the machines.

Optimum energy efficiency was a top priority in the conception of New Space. It can be equipped with an active energy recovery system. In active recovery system, an extra thermodynamic circuit is included. This allows energy from the extracted air to be re-used on the clean air. The expelled warm air passes through an additional recovery circuit to optimize thermal performance. The power needed to treat the clean air is reduced.

Next, in an attempt to cut energy consumption, free cooling is used in these units (except for the M0 and MT models). Free cooling consists of feeding fresh air directly into the building without pre-treatment, when the outside temperature permits.

Finally, groups of motorized fans can be run at variable speeds (EC motor) to match the flow of condensed air to the exact needs of the system, which prevents excess energy consumption.

An efficient double filtration, from G4 & F6 to G4 & F9, allows optimum filtration quality to prevent blockages. An air quality probe (which detects CO2 and VOCs) allows optimum control of the clean air according to the real needs of renewal.

New Space is particularly easy to integrate. On the one hand, it offers a large power range from 20 to 390kW – comprising 17 models and 7 mounting versions – which ensures the best-sized product for any given application. On the other, it allows air to flow and recirculate in many directions (top, sides, and bottom), so can easily be integrated even where there are constraints on location.

High efficiency condensation gas heater takes advantage of premixing and modulation technology in order to guarantee top efficiency level up to 105% LHV (Low heating value). Moreover, premixing technology guaranty the absence of carbon monoxide (CO= 0 ppm).

Advanced control/command functions are offered. A remote control centralizes, in one place, information from different Roof Tops and their modifications. Furthermore, specific software allows control and modification of parameters remotely. An ‘intelligent defrosting’ algorithm adapts the cycle and duration of the defrost function as needed, and specific cards allow communication under different protocols including MODBUS and LON.

The multiple options available make it a sure solution:
- Monitoring the airflow presence and the filter blocks,
- Smoke detector and overheating thermostat, which acts as security on the Roof Top in case of fire
- When climatic conditions are harsh (high humidity), droplet eliminators kick in on the fresh air section and upstream of the cooling coil to remove moisture from the flow of air.
- a soft starter on the air handling unit’s motor protects the fabric ductwork from damage during pressurization.



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