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High speed Ethernet extender with build in switch

The Westermo DDW-220 is an Ethernet extender enhanced with a built-in four port Ethernet switch which allows this one unit to be used to create entire Ethernet solutions. Existing twisted pair cables can be used to establish a high speed remote connection between two Ethernet networks. With transfer rates up to 5.7 Mbits/s and with an operating distance of up to 10 kilometres at lower data rates, this is an easy-to-install alternative to fibre optic or radio systems when linking remote Ethernet networks. The DDW-220 uses a transient blocking unit on each DSL line to provide both over-current and over-voltage protection on the line allowing it to handle indirect lightning strike transients, power induction and short circuit problems.

High speed Ethernet extender with build in switch
By design, a standard Ethernet network is limited to a 100m distance for point-to-point transmissions over copper cables. For greater distances standard UTP Ethernet cable can not be used. To create a high-speed link between two distant Ethernet networks, an extender is necessary. The DDW-220 combines the functions of an extender using any twisted pair cables (rather than expensive optical fibres or radio links) and a switch. This ‘’Plug-and-Play’’ unit covers many applications offering data rates from 192 Kbit/s to 5.7 Mbit/s in both directions over distances of up to 10 Km (railway signalling, on board or on track, tunnels, highways, harbours, power stations, extended industrial plants...).

Designed for harsh industrial environments
Total galvanic isolation and transient protection are standard for all interfaces. The line interfaces are equipped with extensive protection against most types of over voltage and over current problem. The DDW-220 uses a TBU (transient blocking unit) on each DSL line. The TBU responds to both over-current and over-voltage faults on the line and can handle indirect lightning strike transients, power induction and short circuit problems. The TBU provides a high level of protection and also high speed performance, which gives the DDW-220 excellent performance even with noise on the line. This also means that no external line protection is necessary when using the DDW-220 unit.
The DIN mounted metal case of the unit makes it robust and allows for the surrounding air temperature to be between –40 to 70°C. To allow for uninterrupted communication the units are supplied with redundant power inputs that can be powered from two separate supplies and handle an operating voltage range of 16 – 60 VDC.

Easy configuration and diagnostics
Configuration of the unit is kept to a minimum for easy use. The units are preconfigured for multidrop applications meaning a simple installation can be done with no software configuration at all. For further configuration, a built-in web interface is provided so that only a computer with a standard web browser is required. Help text and more advanced configuration is available within the web interface. There are also comprehensive web screen diagnostics for both the SHDSL transmission interfaces and the Ethernet switch allowing statistics to be viewed. The units also support SNMP allowing them to be managed as part of the overall network infrastructure.

Technical information
-Humidity: 5 to 95% without condensing
-Vibration: 15g (IEC 60068-2-6)
-Shock: 30g (IEC 60068-2-27)
-Dimensions: 134 x 105 x 122 mm
-MTBF 700 000h



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