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PFD: Simplifying graphic displays development

Users are increasingly demanding advanced graphic displays for all kinds of devices using embedded electronics from measuring and automation system to ATMs and fitness equipment. Attractive user interfaces are a good means to create a product differentiation, but, until recently, the implementation process have been complicated and expensive. Now, with PFD (Programming-Free Display) software and hardware platforms, Beijer Electronics is launching a new concept based on their knowledge in HMI together with Hitech Electronics’ experience in LCM. PFD enables simply-designed user interfaces for embedded systems. With no specific experience required, development time and costs are dramatically reduced.

PFD: Simplifying graphic displays development
PFD: Business potential at your fingertips
Compared to currently existing solutions, PFD saves considerable effort in designing user interfaces for embedded systems. The ''PFD-Designer'' is a unique and intuitive software solution which eliminates the need for LCD interface programming.

Up to now, even with dedicated GUI, it was necessary to write different graphic programs and touch-screen positions for LCD and touch-screen panels. With PFD, designers can edit graphic objects and set addresses at the same time, instead of writing different graphic programs and touch-screen positions separately.

PFD-Designer is remarkable for its user-friendliness. The screen-configuration software is easy to learn and to use. This ''object-oriented'' configuration tool uses a simple drag and drop system. A designer can configure their own display thanks to a vast predefined object library in an intuitive and easy-to-use environment that includes alarm handling, trends, multi-language support, macros, meters, bar graphs and scrolling texts, drop down lists, animated gif insertion, password protection, recipes and more.

Objects can be dragged into another location while shapes and sizes can be changed with a mouse. PFD Designer is designed to make full use of the Windows environment.

Users can immediately see their designed objects on a PC screen with their specified attributes, such as font size, color, location of objects, picture, scale, frame and so on. What a user sees on a PC screen will be the same as what is displayed on a PFD. All objects can be displayed immediately and are unaffected by the speed of data reading. Beijer Electronics has completely adopted the concept of “What You See is What You Get” to ease the development process.

This reduces the total development cycle of programming, testing and debugging. ''As applications shift the display from text-based mono to graphical touch, the integration and programming process becomes more complex. A quickly integrated display with friendly GUI is of the highest value. PFD moves beyond traditional display; the simplified hardware structure and configured software require little hardware or programming experience to work with the graphical touch display. It is that easy! It can streamline your design process and get you to market as quickly and efficiently as possible'' explains Edison Yang, PFD Product Manager, at Beijer Electronics.

PFD integrates the TFT LCD touch panel, dual port RAM and related input & output interface.
A very simple hardware interface circuit enables a connection with PFD. The interface with the customer control board (uP) is done via an 8 bit data bus. The only step required is to feed the objects and controls with a customer’s application data. To do this, addresses need to be set through the dual port memory from the customer control board to the display. The PC interface is made through RS232 port.

PFD is a performing solution which replaces the outmoded display and improves the graphical interface functionality. Furthermore, PFD can upgrade any existing LCD module: There is no need to change existing hardware. PFD supports mono, color and TFT displays from 5.7" up to 10.4" in resolution up to 800x480.

Applications include:
- Professional devices: industrial controllers, analysis and measuring instruments, logistics and
health care systems
- Building and home automation systems (such as elevator or HVAC)
- Mass consumers devices: vending machines, steppers, ATMs or guiding systems

Picture text
- PFD enables simply-designed user interfaces for embedded systems (PFD_only_1280px_wide.jpg)
- Edison Yang, Product Manager PFD (Mr Yang.jpg)



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